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David Doubilet/The Masters of Nature Photography/Natural History Museum

David Doubilet Chinstrap and gentoo penguins on a small ice floe near Danko Island, Antarctic Peninsula. The guest curators for this year’s Festival of the Photograph—beginning June 7 in.

25 фотографий на грани двух миров: под водой и над ней

This is 34 incredible photos that reveal a glimpse of what lies beneath the water’s surface. You never know what lies below the surface!

A Weedy Sea Dragon Paddles Photograph  - A Weedy Sea Dragon Paddles Fine Art Print

A Weedy Sea Dragon Paddles Canvas Print / Canvas Art by David Doubilet

A weedy sea dragon, Phyllopteryx taeniolatus, patrols the kelp forest of Waterfall Bay Tasmania, Australia.

Swim with the elephants

This is Gregory Colbert, a photographer. These photos are unedited and real. He swims with these animals. Go to ashes and snow by Gregory Colbert and watch the video and check out how the photos were on display.

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Photos That Move and Flow — Underwater

海を飛ぶコウテイペンギン | ナショナル ジオグラフィック(NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) 日本版公式サイト

Canadian nature photographer Paul Nicklen was commissioned by National Geographic Magazine to capture the incredible agility and behaviour of emperor penguins underwater in Antarctica.

Jim Brandenburg photography

Credit: The Masters of Nature Photography/Natural History Museum Horse spirit (Oostvaardersplassen Preserve, the Netherlands,