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John York pilots an Eagle ahead of Lt. Sean Navin, who flies an Falcon on its final mission for the Fighter Wing, California Air National Guard.

Ashes Over England by BrianSamms on deviantART   Okay, this looks cool, but what the heck is going on? There were no American P-40s in the Battle of Britain.

Brian Samms / Lock & Load Graphic Design Spent about 16 hours on this one over the last few days. Original canvas was at 300 dpi. I may upload some close-ups depending on dem.

P-51 Mustang. Cadillac of the Sky.

North American most famous fighter plane built by the US during World War II, the Mustang escorted Allied bombers all the way to Berlin, Germany and back to bases in England.

The Russian military's most advanced fighter, the Su-35, is fast, maneuverable, lethal and versatile.

The Russian military's most advanced fighter: is fast, maneuverable, lethal and versatile

The Bf of the Luftwaffe’s I./JG 27 during the ferry flight from Sicily to Libya.

Top view of triangular aircraft, with sawtooth trailing edge, in flight over desert

The US Air Force’s Spirit during its first public flight in (USAF Photo)

Blackbird cold war spy plane in flight.

Blackbird Cold War Spy Plane In Flight. Royalty Free Stock Photo, Pictures, Images And Stock Photography.