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Interventions for the Prevention of PTSD

See email "Groundbreaking Research" - Transgenders, etc.- NOM - 08/22/16 An article from "The New Atlantis."

Although the death penalty is legal, should we take into account those who suffer from mental illness? 13 men in Texas were executed with out regard for their proven mental illness, which may upset some who find the death penalty against their social norms.

This cancer fighting berry was discovered in Australia. Case studies have proven that it can effectively make tumors disappear. Find out more about it here.

Dr. Otto Scharmer, co-author of Presence, Theory U, and Leading from the Emerging Future. Dr. Scharmer's been a guest on the Voice of Leadership. You may listen to our conversation here:

The Criminal Mind

Advances in genetics revolutionizing understanding of violent behavior: Donta Page, who robbed,raped, slit woman's throat & killed her by plunging a knife into her chest.Page was found guilty of 1st-degree murder & was a candidate for the death penalty.His brain scan, lt, shows reduced functioning of ventral prefrontal cortex(area of brain that helps regulate emotions/control impulses)compared to normal brain, rt.Donta Page avoided death penalty based in part on brain pathology.

pinner says, "I really believe this approach has saved my life on multiple occasions. #strength" I have to agree... I was in the hospital 8 days with the flesh eating bacteria infection and never shed a tear... But I made up for it later. LOL

How PANDAS Affects the Central Nervous System

Laura Matheos Researchers have discovered how immune cells triggered by recurrent Strep A infections enter the brain, cause inflammation, and may lead to a