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Probably not.....

change to "some people can exercise all they want but they'll never burn that crazy off"

Some days...

Haha so me when I come home from my barista job and see all the clerical stuff that needs done for 4 season's!

Or stand behind me while I am doing something

Welcome to the executive office's waiting room of horrible decorating decisions" 😂🤣😂🤣😂. I sooooo love my babes!

The only patient satisfaction question that matters... Did you die??

Dentaltown - The only patient satisfaction question that matters. Did you die?

Sometimes people just won't shut up and I don't have a good excuse to get off the phone!

Oh, sorry about that long pause. I was just trying to hang myself with the phone cord. Ecard HAHA who has phone cords anymore lol

Can't go to work

Sorry I Can't Go To Work Tomorrow I Fractured My Motivation funny quotes quote jokes work lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor