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UNEDITED: Only two flies allowed in Chinese bathrooms at a time!

Where the hell is this? And while on the subject of Facebook, it is so annoying when people post hundreds of random, unedited pictures of their holiday with just a jpg number as a title and no information as to where it was taken or what it is of. WRITE CAPTIONS…PLEASE :)

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‘East meets West’ by Tonio de Roover

People on Facebook who post enigmatic, obscure and sometimes plain nonsensical status updates and then refuse to reply when you message them expressing concern…or, even worse, post a further mysterious statement on their Timeline. People who do this should be Unfriended, Blocked and Reported to Facebook!

Twerking in the street! Grand Kadooment in Bridgetown, Barbados

Turtle Beach Hotel, on the southwest coast near St Lawrence Gap

Mullins Beach on the westside "Platinum Coast"

Derelict fishing boats left to rot in the sun at Bathsheba.

The Education Centre at Harrison's Cave.

Too right there isn't!