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Dr. Phil: Escaping Influence Of A Cult Leader & Accepting Forgiveness

Raylynn found escaping influence of a cult leader was easier than she expected.

Dr. Phil: Cult Leader Curly Thornton Brainwashes And Abuses Followers

Curly Thornton was a brutal cult leader that deceived 100 or so people into giving their lives to him.

Dr Phil: Is Fellowship Of The Martyrs A Cult? Leader Doug Perry Speaks

Doug Perry insists that Fellowship Of The Martyrs is not a cult.

Dr Phil: Mark Refuses the Polygraph & Ignores Dylan's Disappearance.

amexopenforum: “ 10 Ways to Allow Others to Save Face by OPEN Forum Don’t hijack a subordinate’s presentation Be mindful of the “Red Pen Syndrome” Stop using sarcasm so much Make “respect”...

Dr Phil Mark Disqualifies From Polygraph Test & Feels Attacked By Cory

Mark came disheveled and drunk to Jack Trimarco's polygraph test. Mark disqualifies from polygraph test and Elaine was not surprised, calling it typical.

Dr Phil: Steubenville Scandal, Big Red Controversy & Death Threats

Dr Phil let a mother speak out about how the Steubenville scandal death threats from the Big Red controversy have affected the community; advice to parents.

Dr Phil: Felicia Garcia Suicide, Teen Bullying & Cyber Shaming

Dr Phil talked about the 2012 suicide of Felicia Garcia, who became despondent after being bullied, harassed, and shamed by high school classmates.

Dr Phil: Neurological Storm Blackouts and Dallas P&P Center Treatment

Dr Phil: Neurological Storm Blackouts and Dallas P Center Treatment

Dr Phil: Jodi Conquers Her Fear Of Bridges With Relaxation Techniques

Jodi got help from Dr. Frank Lawlis and was able to conquer her fear of bridges. Dr Phil gave us ways to identify fears and not let them rule our lives.