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Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace - Vesper is a solid, high polished 316 stainless steel pendant with a nickel-free plated cap and matching 26" stainless steel chain. As a vibrator it has 4 speeds - low,medium, high, and pulsing. Its clean, sleek aesthetics make for both a subtle addition to your outfit and a standalone statement piece.

The Ultimate List of Free Love Fonts

A list of the BEST love fonts on the internet! Completely free fonts for Valentine's day, a wedding, or for the romantic at heart!

What Women Want, According to the Designers of Women’s Wearables

What Women Want, According to the Designers of Women’s Wearables | That is a vibrator. Called the Vesper, it's shaped like a nail, the kind you hammer into a wall. Yes, at first, to me, it looked positively medieval: dangerous in its approximation of a weapon and yet somehow also insultingly tiny. And yes it's Christian religious name is unsettling--especially with the whole Christ and nail thing. But what do I know

The 1902 retail vibrator set: Beginning in 1869, inventors developed steam-powered massage machines for medical offices. By 1900, doctors had a wide variety of devices to choose from, helping relieve the tedium of digitally massaging female patients. Even better from medical professionals’ perspective was the invention of a hand-held vibrator in 1905, allowing women to treat their own hysteria without visiting a physician.

Originating as a cure for 'female hysteria', vibrators eventually became a consumer product for housewives, who in the early 20th century owned more vibrators than toasters.