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by graphic artist, Cindy Grundsten

What is #Spirituality and How to be Spiritual?  What is spiritual awakening and #spiritualgrowth?

What is Spirituality? What is spiritual awakening and spiritual growth? The purpose of life is the evolution of consciousness. Spiritual awakening offers life in the state of joy.


Wallpaper en We Heart It - https:&

Little cowboy.  -     What a Heart-Breaker he's gonna beLOL! He's seriously too adorable, leading the horse with such confidence❗

Little cowboy So adorable. LIttle boy with big horse - friends.

Screw-Up Fairy - sometimes I think she's taking a vacation and living in my house...

The Screw-Up Fairy spends a lot of time in my universe.

Sweet #quote from #PeterPan about the beginning of #fairies.  I'd love to paint this on the wall of my nursery some day!

The Beginning of Fairies

adorable quote from PeterPan about fairies, maybe in little girl's room

It's things like this that make horses and disabled children. have a rehab/therapy/ministry with horses and <3

It's things like this that make me want to work with horses and disabled children. I really wanna do this with my life, have a rehab/therapy/ministry with horses.

Shit Could Be Worse

Daily Inspiration #1447

type-lover: Linoleum Print Poster - Shit Could Be Worse

Wandering mind

If your mind wanders.

Healing Morning: It isn't Writer's Block

Pause for Magic