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Ummm... YEAH! Have you MET  Asuna??? She's TERRIFYING (and awesome!!) Kirito  knows what's up!!

Asuna is harder to defeat than any boss, especially with a butter knife. Oh Kirito!

Sword Art Online Vol. 3 Wandrolle Asuna & Kirito 69 x 96 cm Zum beliebten…

First he turns into a girl. Then he gets a legendary hammer he can't use. Poor Klein

Online RPG gamer will know the feel.

Online RPG gamer will know the feel. - I know it all to well in any game. Thor is that u?

So sweet

I really have a hard time like Kirito and Asuna as a pairing. Their love seemed almost rushed. I could have been dragged out a lot longer for a lot more story, like in OHSHC<<<<<there love makes me cry for hours when they finally meet.

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