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Paul Komoda

Paul Komoda

The Scorch Trials - Creature Designs on Behance

I wanted to share a Crank Design I did for the 'Scorch Trials' film. © Twentieth Century Fox To see more Concept Designs I did for this . The Scorch Trials - CRANK Design

creatureblacklagoon by stillenacht

Anastasios Gionis is a digital sculptor and modeler for the film industry. Nightmare Fuel: Monsters by Anastasios Gionis

Guy Davis Pacific Rim Concept Art

Don't miss this new special Pacific Rim featurette taking an inside look at Kaiju, including Concept Art and creature models and early Concept Art by Guy D

Dead Space Monsters Aren't So Scary When They're Sitting On Your Coffee Table | Kotaku Australia

Dead Space Monsters Aren’t So Scary When They’re Sitting On Your Coffee Table…

The Titanothere, an illustration I did for a game by Table Forged LLC. The direction of the game has changed someone since I did these, so I don't know if they'll end up being used. http://corytregoerdner.daportfolio.com/

A monster I did for Thomas Song and his gaming company, Table Forged LLC! The game these were made for has changed direction, and I don't know if they'l.


darkerinstinct: “ Hellhound, Chronicles of Riddick. Concept sculpture by Miles Teves. Source credit: [x] ”


Before she was known as Gorgon she was known as Whip-Spider YEEEEEAAAAAH! These are the first pass concepts and the final pass resulting in the beast today Evolve is © Games