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Can you imagine having something like this in your house?

Sailor Moon Stained Glass style drawing by wolfspygirl. Parts could be start of real sg design

Even though this is a art print, it makes me want to get back into stained glass. :) By Mandie Manzano

The Doctor Stained Glass. I love stained glass. I love Dr. Who. Therefore, I love this.

While attending a stained glass class, Craftster user and Doctor Who fan Xandrigirly decided to create her very own stained glass TARDIS

A Tardis. In stained glass. This might turn out to be enough incentive for me to go an learn to make stained glass sculpture.

Beautiful Iron Man Stained Glass Window

stained glass window - There are very few homes that have stained glass windows and even fewer that put iconic superheroes as the forefront. This Iron Man stained glass w.

Stained-glass Tardis. Need.

This beautiful Stained Glass TARDIS was made by Crafster user Xandrigirly during her stained glass art class. Beautiful little thing, isn’t it? This semester, I’m in Stained Glass II…

The 10th ~ digital art by mandiemanzano on deviantART

The Art Print by Mandie Manzano at I feel like this would make a really nice stained glass window. Maybe have 13 panels hidden around my house.


Mondrian Who Art Print

Artist puts an abstract, timey-wimey spin on Doctor Who with this Mondrian-inspired tee. As her description of the tee says: “The Doctor dropped

Stained glass inspiration? great design.

Started with the ninth doctor. I'm only about ten episodes in and I'm already in love with the show. Trying to avoid Dr. Who stuff online from the whovians to keep from reading spoilers is tough!

Mosaic TARDIS.

TARDIS LANTERN Pieces of My Art on Etsy is offering this lovely mosaic TARDIS lamp. Candle not included. Candle larger than the inside of the lantern not included.