Explore Budget Negotiations, Inflicted Wounds and more!

After Dual Stumbles -- A Return to Parity and Paralyses | Sheri and Allan Rivlin

The troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act may present Democrats with a challenge to their Senate majority

David Plouffe: GOP Plan To Get Rid Of Obamacare Will Be "An Impossibility" | RealClearPolitics

The next conservative litmus test: Opposition to Medicaid expansion

At a tough time for Obamacare, the Medicaid expansion is a bit of a bright spot for Democrats.

Walker To GOP: Don’t ‘Spike The Ball’ On Obamacare

Walker To GOP: Don't Spike the Ball On Obamacare

What Washington’s leaders have forgotten

Tom talks to The Brookings Institution's Elaine Kamarck about how Washington's leaders can overcome gridlock in the weekly Federal Coach column interview.

HUFFPOLLSTER: What Happened With The Polling In Virginia?

The basic contours of the public discourse on voter ID laws are fairly clear. In-person voting fraud is rare. As Judge Richard Posner has concluded, restrictive voter ID laws are mainly the p...

How the 'Duck Dynasty' Candidate Beat the Republican Establishment - NationalJournal.com

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