Kagome calls Sesshomaru Big Brother! The look on Sesshomaru's face ..... Priceless!

InuYasha's face after Kagome calls Sesshomaru "brother-in-law" - screenshot from InuYasha: The Final Act

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Someone once asked me if I noticed that Sess is never without his fluff in either the series or the anime. I thought about it, and decided that it must . Why Sess Always Has the Fluff

One of the first romantic moments.

One of the first romantic moments. And here started the looooooong wait of over 100 episodes for Inuyasha and Kagome to kiss

What Should You Do To People Who Don't Like Anime

Yeah girl dispose of them I like it do you Natsu Natsu: hmmm let me see NO E.D: no one asked for your opinion Natsu: yes you did E.D: so what it doesn't mater

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Dude just stop and walk away. Pretend that nothing happened. Before kagome comes back!

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Aftermath - Chapter 536 by ~righteousred on deviantART-aww cute