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Bobbie russen Kitten-50-x-60cm.jpg (960×1184)

Bobbie russen Kitten-50-x-60cm.jpg (960×1184)

Name someone whose energy sometimes feels like this. What are the prickly qualities of the heart space? Under the spikes is a sensitive heart.

Surreal Sculptures by Nancy Fouts

cactus balloon Cactus Balloon by Surrealist Sculptor Nancy Fouts. Check out a selection of her other astounding images at Nancy Fouts Dot Com.

Mr. Darcy-Bizarre Statues Created From Your Nightmares

Darcy-Bizarre Statues Created From Your Nightmares

vintage everyday

Frida Kahlo, 1929 Photo by Guillermo Davila awesome portrait. truthfully, i didn't get her art but love her joy for life


Frida Kahlo in her hospital bed, drawing on her corset/plaster body cast with the help of a mirror, 1951 Photographed by Juan Guzman black & white photography injured in an accident as a teenager Frida endured over 40 operations in her life

Frida Kahlo...she lived a very colorful life....

Behold, All Of Frida Kahlo's Paintings... Copied By Anonymous Chinese Artists

Artist: Frida Kahlo Title: "Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr. Eloesser" Medium: oil on masonite Size: x 40 cm Ownership: Private Collection Comments: Kahlo wearing her pain as a necklace of thorns. I like that she looks so strong in this portrait.

Julian Opie Lily, eyes straight, head left, hair back 2013

Founded in Lisson Gallery is one of the most influential contemporary art galleries in the world, showing 45 innovative and international artists

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Style Icon - Frida Kahlo


Fred Tomaselli-Field Guides 2003 photocollage, gouache, acrylic, resin on wood at James Cohan Gallery

Mona Simpson by Nick Walker.    ... wish they'd rerelease this print...

Mona Simpson by Nick Walker. ... wish they'd rerelease this print...