legend of the cryptids by parkkyoungmin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artist: Kyoungmin Park aka kkomjirak - Title: legend of the cryptids - Card: Iruen the Arbiter (Cast Judgment)


7 - Spirit of Nature Represented by a God and Goddess, that is Indwelling in All of Us.

Dominance War 5 V2 by *alexnegrea on deviantART

Thunder queen copy Digital Art by Romania based artist Alex Negrea Thunder queen copy Kaa Speed paint Loc ice queen advanced Legend of lizard Dominance war 5 View the website

Diego de Almeida - The Crimson Striker by Blackfoxst on deviantART

Artist: Diego de Almeida (Black Fox Studio) - Title: The Crimson Striker - Card: Unknown