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I see you failed to use your blinker back there. So I pulled an illegal u - turn, broke the speed limit, and forced other cars off the road

or pay them what I make; a teachers salary. Things would change very quickly. Better yet, let them do my job every day and pay them what I make. Funny thought!

Minimum wage jobs were never meant to support a family. They were entry level jobs or part time jobs. Put the politicians on minimum wage and watch how fast things change.

History repeating itself, for we have too many Americans who do not know our country's history

Racism comes in all forms and it is still RAMPANT in our country! Mainstream media convinces people that terrorists only look a certain way and that blacks are thugs! I am constantly outraged at the ignorance of humanity

During slavery, where they ONLY worked for free, they were called lazy. Those who didn't "pick enough" were considered lazy.

Poor people are now blamed for their own poverty. In a system that panders to the the poor are demonized. CEO's make more than the average worker. Poverty is engineered to insure that the greed of the wealthy is satisfied by the servitude of the poor.

Atheist...what a surprise!

They're all brilliant, hilarious, compassionate, caring and responsible Atheists and Freethinkers!