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An inflatable pool makes a great safe play area for babies and toddlers. This website has some really good ideas! wonder how long it would take miss priss to get out of this! Good idea though if you have room for it.

In Defense of the Defenseless

The 10 most creative ways to document your baby's first year

So wish I would've done this.Love this mommy/baby photo - from belly to 12 months - cute monthly picture idea.

Awesome thing for kids

This is AWESOME! I want this! I remember stuffing our sleeping bags with pillows to slide down the stairs, this would make thing so much easier!

Bottle needs for babies (self pumped breast milk- also option of formula)

The Secret for Sore Nipples When Breastfeeding

For T: Baby Formula Feeding Chart. Been looking for someting like this, with all the emphasis,on breast feeding these days, bottle feeding moms have no clue how different their babies will be. Less calls to the pediatrician in the first few days!

Blooming Bath is so much fun!  The best way to bathe your baby!

I would love this rather then a baby bathing tub =] Blooming Bath is so much fun! The best way to bathe your baby!< this is cute, but maybe if I have a girl one day, it wouldbe better lol

genie starting to cost more than you feel it's worth?  No worries- try this diaper genie hack and never buy

Love this idea! Cheerio necklace - takes 5 minutes to make and keeps your baby entertained while you do grocery shopping and run errands

Super Cute

First year in monthly pictures Leystra we could do this with your grand baby in the antique kids wooden rocking chair.

Its always confusing and difficult to be a new parent. But worry not, these clever products are here to solve all your problems and make parenting a lot more easier and fun.

36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent - This personal ultrasound machine connects directly to your smartphone. 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

...Hold on, I'm measuring my stairs... .WEEEEEEEEE!

Dear future me: you better be the coolest parent out there and put a slide on the stairs. definitely needs to happen into the kids playroom (basement) JESSICA SAYS: and dear future me hospital bills will be high pls don't be stupid :)