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Explore Picked Ab, Local Orchard and more!

Adam and I went to a local orchard this weekend to pick apples. The weather was beautiful and the day was perfect. Since we picked ab...

Day 48 and we are working our LEGS! So let’s get prepared to work hard and feel the burn. Today we will start off with our ab ball twist, and if you or your gym does not have a ball grab a dumbbell or just use your own body weight, adapt to what you have...Read More »

7 Superfoods For Weight Loss

How is everyone? How are those Shoulders? Mine are sore, and I love it. Today is Leg day and we will also be doing some abs too. We will be doing 2 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise to make sure out legs are nice and warmed up (if you don’t have time to...Read More »

14 Kettlebell Moves For An All-Over Body Calorie Torcher [VIDEO]

High Protein Foods - this is why it's so easy to eat cottage cheese, when a meal is a total of 1 cup of food.