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How my mother's womb almost became my grave. I was born at full term, 14.5 weeks later, weighing 2.9kg. #UmbilicusBook

I chose adoption for my baby not because I didn't want her but because I love her.- Quote from a pro-life birth mother


Why This Rape Survivor Chose Life for Her Daughter

Crystal Willis-Blount, a birth mother and a rape survivor, says that she and her daughter are not “talking points” for pro-choice politicians. “I have compassion and empathy for women who have had an abortion. The awful irony of the pro-choice movement is that it doesn’t feel like a choice. I know what it’s like to be in a hard situation. But we should never have the right to take another life. Any situation, no matter how grim, can be turned around for good.”

a note from a young girl to planned parenthood For real. If that happened to me the baby would be my main reason to live. He or she would be the one good thing to come from that.

I recently went back to the clinic in which I had an #abortion. I wanted to have my ultrasound pictures and a copy of my file. It has been tough digesting what the file holds but I feel like it was something I needed to do. Notes from my abortion counselor. “Pt returned today very confident and sure that ab is best. She is looking forward to being in a school play.” I’m sorry, I didn’t realize crying uncontrollably, having a panic attack in your office, and telling you that I wanted to…

'Planned Parenthood' is a complete sham. They are all about making money, just look at their records.

Our goal is to advocate for justice in all its forms, and lead a rediscovery of the value of each individual human life.

And we wonder why the suicide rate today is so high. Or maybe you have not heard that our teenages are killing themselves by the tens of thousands a year. They have no hope, no purpose, no one showing them true love.

I survived an abortion. My life is a miracle.