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Plank - Abs Workout: The 7 Best Abs Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach - Shape Magazine

YES to all the squat exercises! Lower body movements are a key foundation of a good fitness program. Great overview of all the different squares you can include in a workout.

The Ab Challenge Workout That Only Takes 2 Minutes

Abs: We all want 'em, but no one wants to sit there holding a plank for minutes on end. We've got you. In Week 1 of our ab challenge, you won't do any exercise for more than 30 seconds. Even better? They all add up to only two minutes total. Go ahead and get on with your day.

Five of the Best Exercises for Burning Fat

Looking to drop a few pounds? Add these exercises to your workouts to fire up your metabolism, pack on muscle, and make 2016 your leanest year yet.

10 Exercises That Burn 200 Calories in Under 3 Minutes

Lateral hops: Make small jumps side to side as if you are jumping over an invisible line (above).

5 Exercises That Will Show Your Lower Belly Who's Boss

If you still think that doing crunches will score you amazing abs, you're in for a rude awakening. Instead, try these abs exercises for a flat stomach