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Sims 4 Volcanic Terrain

When volcanic activity takes place above ground, the hot lava flows year after year down the volcano, creating this terrains.

Sims 4 Asphalt Terrain

This is all it is, asphalt. Nothing will grow here, but it is good enough for your driveway.

La Luna Rossa-Sims: Dirt and Tiny Stones • Sims 4 Downloads

La Luna Rossa-Sims: Dirt and Tiny Stones

The Sims 4: Terrains

Did you ever consider bringing some dirt to level your back yard? This would be the right quality of dirt to do that.

Sims 4 Terrain

Pink Flowers Terrain at LaLunaRossa via Sims 4 Updates

Requires: The Sims 4...

Not so green as the time has passed and some leaves already started to fall on the ground. This lawn is simply natural.

Sims 4 Terrain

Terrain Paints: Yellow Flowers Terrain from La Luna Rossa-Sims

Winter Terrain - LaLunaRossa and The Sims

Provides the strength and durability of stone in the shape, size, color and texture desired, until the winter comes.