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The Lighted Stage by James Bareham, via Behance

“Spinal Tap, the loudest band in the world"

''Modern Man'' (2010)

The stunningly beautiful opening song on the sophomore album by the Watson Twins, "Talking To You Talking To Me" 2010

Song of the South.net - The Movie: Photo Archive: Live Action

Song of the South.Uncle Remus Disney likes to pretend this didn't happen

FAVORITE movie when I was a kid. Still a top favourite of mine. Fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker back when I was a kid!

I think I watched this 500 times as a teenager.

Gisele Bundchen

The Chicest Celebrity Tattoos

The Brazilian super has a star tattooed on her wrist for her grandmother, as well as a moon and stars on her right ankle.

And when the sun comes out, I'll ask to play, and if you don't have money we'll work all day.

The Ceremonies - Land of Gathering by theceremonies on SoundCloud

zach galifianakis stand up

Old 97's on Tour | StayingSouthern.net

Old - alternative country-rock band: in my Top 10

Theres something about the way she has all her gaze focussed on him, and he has nothing focused oh her that makes this so interesting. It has simple structure with a great deal of meaning.

Last Winter, I saw the Avedon exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts . It was a wonderful exhibit, and very inspiring.

"Het Meisje Achter Matthijs"  Check www.hetmeisjeachtermatthijs.nl/

"Het Meisje Achter Matthijs" Check www.hetmeisjeachtermatthijs.nl/

robert culp and bill cosby/••••first TV series that had a black lead and it was a great show. They were tennis pros who also did spy work for the CIA. This was during the Bond era & the Cold War. Spies/threat of spies was an ongoing issue.  Didn't require much of a stretch to believe the possibility of this plot. They got equal billing and did interviews together, had the same trailers, etc., to keep everything nice & equal. Cosby was FUNNY and Culp was a great straight man.

Robert Culp and Bill Cosby, in I Spy, 1965


Doreen Haviland, in front, rides the flume with Tara Nugent and Officer Dick Porteus in this photo, taken in Coney Island at the annual Police Anchor Club outing for the widows and children of deceased police officers.

someone still loves you boris yeltsin

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin


Nude street art by Zalez.

Bon Jovi

the fantastic 4

The Smiths. There is a light...

Photography by New York based fashion photographer Christopher Bush.