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HOpefully this pin works... sharing for the idea of it... this is happening in my city, make it happen in yours!!!!

"Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so." ~ The Incredibles ~ Despicable Me ~ A Bug's Life ~ The Lego Movie ~ Shrek ~ Frozen ~ The Croods ~ Rise of the Guardians ~ How to Train Your Dragon ~ Hotel Transylvania ~ Wreck-It Ralph ~ Finding Nemo ~ Toy Story ~ Ratatouille ~ Tangled ~ Brave ~ Madagascar

She doesn't have to steal his spotlight, they can just work together and be friends. I don't think either story is more tragic, but I do find it highly annoying when people say that Frozen doesn't go with the big four. I like the big six better.

Man, the people who made this movie are beyond clever. I'm in love with this movie and everything about it.