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Another great reason to rescue a pet: Cat saves owner's life hours after adoption: http://yhoo.it/wlN6K4

Baking soda is used in human and pet products, from toothpastes to kitty litters. It's a useful item to keep on hand in an industrial-size box, but keep it out of reach of your cat and your kids.

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How to Clear Nasal Congestion in Kittens

Whether related to allergies or something else, like an upper respiratory infection, a kitten with nasal congestion needs to see a vet.

You love your cat, they're adorable, fluffy, cute...but sometimes they have a few behaviors that are less-than-cute. Things like messes outside the litter box or scratching can be a problem for any pet owner, but luckily there are ways to tackle these issues. Take a look at three common bad cat habits and how you can stop them.

3 Bad Cat Habits & How to Stop Them

While most of our beloved cats are purr-fect companions, some of them have a few behaviors that are unacceptable - for example, scratching the furniture, urinating outside of the litter box, or bothering.

Bring a taste of the outdoors to your indoor only cats with a DIY Cat Garden. Super easy and your cats will love it! #DearestWhiskers #indoorcatsdiy

Bring a taste of the outdoors to your indoor only cats with a DIY Cat Garden. Super easy and your cats will love it! #DearestWhiskers #indoorcatsdiy

DIY CAT BED! I like it :D except I would paint the suitcase and feet pretty colors for my girls <3

Cozy Cargo Suitcase Pet Bed - Green and Brown - Upcycled Luggage

How to walk your #cat on a leash http://yhoo.it/JMLlBY

Training a cat to walk on a leash is possible with some cats. Read this step-by-step cat training guide about leash-training cats.

Tips For Raising A Friendly Cat

5 Tips For Raising A Friendly Cat

Have you ever considered giving your cat a massage? | How to Give Your Cat a Massage in 8 Easy Steps

How to give your cat a massage in 8 easy steps

Tired and aching humans have been using massage therapy to de-stress and unwind since ancient times. But now our four-legged friends are hopping up on the massage table for treatment. Learn about the benefits of pet massage.

How To Tell If Your Cat 's Secretly Sick

Let’s go over 10 signs of illness in cats – although many of them also apply to dogs.

How to keep indoor cats happy and stimulated http://www.styletails.com/2014/09/30/wellbeing-7-tips-for-a-happy-indoor-cat/

Cat expert and behaviourist Anita Kelsey explains shares 7 tips on keeping indoor cats happy and stimulated.

It's true - happy cats live healthier lives! As cat parents, we feed the best food, show unconditional love, and provide the necessary veterinary care. But, part of being owned by a cat means we're always...

25 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

All cats, especially indoor kitties, should have their claws cut regularly to avoid injury. Trimming your cat’s nails for the first time can be a little tricky, so it’s important that you don’t plu

How to trim a cat's claws step-by-step article with excellent pictures.

restraining the cat while clipping their front toe nails

best images and pictures ideas about fluffy cat breeds

13+ Types of Fluffy Cat Breeds (Complete Guide to Care Fluffy Cat)

by Miyoko Ihara from photo book 'Misao to Fukumaru ( Misao and Fukumaru) ' This is very sweet

10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew It's also right for Persian Cats