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Baby Elephant- black and white photography

Baby elephant Baby owl Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals the cutest thing ever.

Baby Elephant doesn't want to cross the road. Amazing how 'human' they are.

A very small elephant does not want to cross the road. It gets some encouragement and eventually makes it across. Video by Carl Salsbury, filmed in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania, Feb

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Watch These Cute and Clumsy Baby Elephants Get Used To Their Legs

Here's 2 Minutes Of Nothing But Adorable Clumsy Baby Elephants + More Cure Elephants Pics

Ultra cute picture of the day

Ultra cute picture of the day

From: I fucking love science Elephants don’t drink through their trunks, but they do use them to suck up water and bring it to their mouths. A fully grown elephant can hold an estimated 10 liters of water in their trunks to make drinking easier.

This looks more like an elephant’s version of rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon.

Cute Baby Elephant Playing

​Stop Everything and Watch This Gleeful Rescued Elephant Ribbon Dance: Elephant play Hula Hoop

Happy #baby #elephant

Happy #baby #elephant

Baby elephant sneezes and scares himself. So cute!

Baby elephant sneezes, scares himself and runs to hide behind his mommy. This is the Cutest VIDEO ever!

Фотограф из Нью-Джерси Робин Шварц уже в течение 10 лет фотографирует свою дочь Амелию с различными дикими и домашними животными - Путешествуем вместе

Amelia and an elephant by Robin Schwartz. Many more photos of Amelia and different animals here. I wish an elephant would carry me to work in this manner.

Watch this adorable video.  Happy Little Baby Elephant Frolicking in the Ocean

Happy Little Baby Elephant Frolicking in the Ocean

VIDEO: Happy Baby Elephant Frolicking in the Ocean.play in the ocean with a baby elephant!