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Easy Fruit Tray Ideas for Parties

Easy Fruit Tray Ideas for Parties

Zonder de spekjes een gezonde traktatie, met de spekjes een goede combi van fruit en wat lekkers.

Practical Nutrition: Patriotic fruit skewers for Fourth of July - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Practical Nutrition Advice With Mary Jo Sawyer

7 ways to sneak more vegetables into your diet | Fox News

7 ways to sneak more vegetables into your diet

Veggie platters are a staple of most gatherings and parties. Well it’s time we up the standards of the modern day veggie platter!

Flower Fruit Pops -- dollhousebakeshoppe.com

Fruit Flowers - put them on lollipop sticks & display in covered florist foam!

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Maybe an edible centerpiece for a wedding? Or at least definitely on the menu in a wedding buffet line! I want tons of fruit at my wedding!