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Ahhoz, hogy jobb futóvá válj, nem feltétlenül a lefutott kilométerek száma fog hozzásegíteni. Vannak olyan gyakorlatok,amik megóvnak a sérülésektől, és fejlesztik a futásnál használt izmokat. Ezekhez pedig nem szükséges futni.

Is your body just not doing enough? The reason for this is simple. Your metabolic rate has an important role to play in how swiftly weight is shed. Now, before you start thinking of ways to ramp up your metabolism, let's dissect the value of such an...

12 Yoga Poses for Back Pain - Strengthen and Heal Your Lower Back

The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout - possibly something easy I could do since even sit ups hurt my head | Do It Darling

5 Smart Exercises to Support Your Knees

No cartilage in your knees? No problem! Here are 5 exercises that will help strengthen your legs and the supporting muscles around your knees.

A 15-Minute Lower-Body Workout for Bad Knees

A 15-Minute Lower-Body Workout for Bad Knees. This workout has been a life-saver for my knees--and I really work up a sweat, too! | via @SparkPeople #workout #fitness #health

5 exercises to strengthen your knees

Are you suffering from a knee injury or recovering from one? Does your knee hurt when you run? Try these 5 exercises to strengthen your hips and glues - the key to stabilizing your knee for pain-free running!