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Pricing potting soil and topsoil, it is easy to imagine contemporary purveyors of these products believing they have hit "pay dirt," a phrase popularized during the California Gold Rush. If you garden or are planning almost any landscaping project, you may face a bewildering array of soil product choices. At best, you are making a considerable financial investment

Understanding Bagged Garden Soil Products for Containers: What They Are & My Favorite Bagged Mix - YouTube

Diatom Bath Mat - is made of Diatomaceous Earth (DE); an absorbent material that retains water & dries quickly. DE is a natural product made from fossilized water plants. Millions of years ago in the Earth’s oceans, microscopic Diatoms took minerals from the water & created protective shells. When they died, they drifted to the ocean floor & became vast deposits. Now part of dry land, these deposits known as DE are harvested, milled, & powdered before being molded to create soil products.

Read more: https://www.luerzersarchive.com/en/magazine/commercial-detail/vigorplant-italia-50327.html Vigorplant Italia Vigorplant: "Life of a Plant" [01:00]# The life of a plant is harder than it seems, as shown in this Italian spot for Vigorplant, a brand of potting soil products. Now there’s a lovely man … Tags: Armando Testa, Milan,Mercurio Cinematografica,Jonathan Gurvit,Peppe Cirillo,Vincenzo Celli,Laura Sironi,Vigorplant Italia,Stefano Castagnone,Federica Saraniti Lana

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