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Snapcase - Progression Through Unlearning

Snapcase Progression Through Unlearning. Record Store Day 2012 pressing on Opaque Yellow vinyl limited to 900


[Snapcase]: Progression Through Unlearning THis record as a whole had major impact on how I approach life, especially "Guilty by Ignorance" Definately one of the milestones for me

‘Progression Through Unlearning,’ Snapcase’s Timeless Hardcore Classic, Turns 20

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Ms. 45 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Like Abel Ferrara, Death Waltz Recording Company are not prone to shying away from the more extreme corners of culture, and are delighted to be presenting a tru

Moldoba - Dar a cada uno lo que es suyo

Moldoba - Dar a cada uno lo que es suyo

Pushead- Integrity "Humanity is the Devil"

Humanity Is the Devil: In your face metallic hardcore. Cover artwork by Pushead.