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MATTHEW HENRY - THE BESTSELLING UNABRIDGED 6 VOLUME COMPLETE COMMENTARY ON THE WHOLE BIBLE (Special Complete Edition): All 6 Volumes of the Bestselling ... Exposition for Kindle MATTHEW HENRY)

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The City on the Edge of Forever" was recently voted the best episode of Star TrekTM ever. Despite that praise, Ellison has been bitching for 30 years that his original teleplay for the episode was butchered by Trek producer Gene Roddenberry and Paramount Studios henchmen. This volume offers the original, complete, unedited version of the script plus commentary by Ellison and many of the principal actors involved in the production.

Matthew Poole's Commentaries 1] 2] 3] 4] 5] 6] * Indicação: Rev. Ademir Moreira

Ma'ariful Qur'an - A Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Qur'an Complete 8 Volume Set.(Surah Al Fatiha to Surah Nas) By Mufti Muhammad Shafi Translated by Prof Muhammad Hassan Hardback Circa 900 Pages/Volume Published in PakistanRead the Forward to Volume 1 by Mufti Taqi Usmani