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Clumpy lashes but i like the general feminine pretty eyes. Plus her eye color is GORGEOUS!

Green eyed lady

I cannot even put into words how much I love love love green eyes, bright green eyes like these ones, and wish I had them or one of my kids, but we got stuck with brown.and I only know one person who does have these green eyes, and she is gorgeous!

This post only shows sectoral heterochromia, or when one eye has two different colors. Heterochromia is usually when a person has two eyes with different colors.

A beautiful mutation

Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris.I had no idea that it was a mutation. My eyes are blue on the outsides and fade to orange around the irises. Depending on my mood and what I wear my eyes change color.

EOS Dollyeye Blue color contact lens big eye circle lens

EOS King Blue

This circle lens contains one of the most intense, rich pigmentation levels we’ve seen in blue contacts! Definitely choose these if you’re looking for a bright lens that will really make your eyes pop.

Blue Eye Iris | Anatomy Picture Reference and Health News

Blue Eye Iris - Irises with little melanin appear blue due to scattering of light by collagen fibers in the iris.