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#ad It's time to try this!

“I gasped when I saw the end result!” said a reader when she saw this Christmas wine glass idea:

Tinting mason jars using mod podge and food coloring

This tutorial for DIY tinted mason jars in rainbow is perfect for your craft and DIY projects. Here is how to quickly and easily tint mason jars in beautiful pastel colors.

Awesome! Use any old glass jar with a lid (like mayo jars, pickle jars, you name it), glue on a knob, spray paint and voila! Stencil and spray frost

Use any old glass jar with a lid (like mayo jars, pickle jars, you name it), glue on a knob, spray paint and voila!--great idea for those two knobs I have left.spray paint and take to work to hold tea items.

Modge Podge + Food Coloring to make beautiful, colorful mason jars. (Mix Modge Podge and coloring in a bowl then coat the inside of the jar. Make sure color is dark enough for bright color. Place upside down on wax paper 30 min. Then put in oven 170 for 10min upside on wax paper. Then turn right side up for 30 min. Perfection)

Make colored Mason jars! Mix mod podge with food coloring and coat inside by moving the jar around. Let dry for hours. Also spray paint mason jars!

25 Ways to Use a Mason Jar.. i should do this when im a mum and i am aloud to light candles by myself!

Top 25 Ways to Use Mason Jars

Mason Jars - Twenty Five Creative Ways to Use Them. I have a weird mason jar obsession

Lace votive holder; simply tape on a wide piece of lace (around entire jar) and spray with a frosted-glass spray paint.  So pretty for a party table-topper.

Spray paint over lace DIY mason jar vase. I don't know about the lace, but I like the mason jar idea!

10 Soup Can Crafts You'll Love (some of these would be fun to do with old #10s)

10 Great and Clever Bathroom Decorating ideas 5

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen (how to have permanent writing on a mug)

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen on a porcelain mug.ive been wondering how to have permanent writing on a mug =) HUNGER GAMES

what a fun, simple, creative way to make a cake stand!

DIY Cake/ Cookie Stands- thrifted candlestick holder + plate, attach with and spray paint.

Just Try And Make Me / DIY: bookpage jars

DIY: bookpage jars- intrigued by the idea of certain passages being illuminated. (OR cool jar with special map for tea light candle*)

I'm digging up my pretty glass jars to fill with color this week - a simple way to make storage pretty.  Perfect for make up brushes, pens + dried flowers we collect on walks.    Click the image for a blog link - you can visit me at www.happykatie.com too.

The Art of the Jar! From spaghetti sauce container to pencil holder or flower vase, a jar can be almost anything you can imagine! With a bit of paint, some creativity and purposeful inspiration, you can reuse your jar for something magical!

50 Best Ways to Use Mason Jars - Easy Craft Ideas With Mason Jars - Country Living

50+ Best Ways to Use Mason Jars

50 Great Mason Jar Ideas- Easy Uses for Mason Jars - Country Living Cupcake Liner Storage Have a ton of leftover cupcake liners lying around? Fun fact: Mason jars are the PERFECT size for keeping them organized.

Pinterest and the Pauper!: DIY Painted Mason Jars!

Who loves mason jars? And who loves a super inexpensive mason jar craft? I have had these jars just sitting around over the past