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Following the Cycles of the Moon

You possess all of CHRIST's Might when you put CHRIST FIRST in thought, emotion, intention, and ACTION. Elise R. Brion

Cute & Colourful © by Martha Boers - Antique Lilac This free pattern was designed to fit Narae43 by Narindoll. Her measurements are; height 43cm, neck circumference 7.3cm, bust 17cm, waist 13.2cm, hips 19cm, shoulder width 8.2cm, arm length 12.5cm, leg length 23cm. The patterns will also fit other slim MSD-size dolls with similar measurements.

A Posable Dragon - A Creative Journey This tutorial is meant to share how I made my posable cloth dragon. It does not include patterns, nor does it go into step-by-step detail. It's just meant to share techniques, and possibly give the viewer ideas on how to create their own unique dragon.

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