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interesting, unconventional pot

A Bonsai tree brings balance and zen to this Overcast beige pot


Was in Japan last year and visited Happo-en. Bonsai This tree is alleged to be 500 years old and is found at the Happo-En Gardens/Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. Happo-en" means "a garden which is beautiful from all angles.


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Bonsai in Bloom These are small trees. Culture of growing bonsai tree is a very long time - the Japanese were engaged in this century. These hand crafted miniature plants are true

What tree is this?  I found out. It's a crabapple. Started training in 1935.

US National Arboretum

Bankan style Bonsia 'coiled trunk' Crabapple tree- in training since 1935 'US National Arboretum'


Bougainvillea ~ I have never seen one with a trunk like this but maybe it's a tree stump that it's growing on. Hey, that's a good idea!

Fancy - Juniper Bonsai Tree: Love Bonsi Trees this is sooo pretty..must have. Never seen one like it.

:-: "Juniperus chinensis", Chinese juniper bonsai, Enebro de la China [In training since formal upright style, Chokkan]

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