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Unreasonable Fear is a terrible thing

We are far more likely to be harmed by our fellow man than by our fellow animals, yet we call animals wild and dangerous and we call man advanced and civilized.

Humans are NOT natural carnivores! Live vegan✌

A common excuse humans use to justify eating the flesh of murder victims (meat) is "like lions, humans were born to eat meat." We're not lions and we weren't born to eat meat.

or: i need to go on a vacay or need a new car...#psychopath/sociopath

If not, please go vegan. Or at least please buy animal products from humane places.


look into the eyes of every creature ~ even a praying mantis ~ i hope you see their depth, the importance of their life too."The next evolutionary step for humankind is to move from human to kind.

Click the Pin to Take the Indigo Children TestFind out if you are a Indigo Child or Adult #vegan I always found it interesting that little children have to be coerced into eating their meat. They don't want it.

Indigo Children Test. Are you an Indigo Adult

Indigo Children have a strong will to change the world and the system that controls us. Take our free Indigo Children Test to discover your score!

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In the future we will no longer kill animals for our food. We will evolve beyond such cruelty reap the many benefits of that choice.

Tus creencias no hacen de ti una mejor persona. Pero si lo hacen tus actos. ♡

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your actions do! Please, live cruelty free.

Which would you prefer

Those who live with kindness, truth, respect & love, are living a spiritual life.

Choose compassion and go vegan!

Animal Diet--archaic--this is THE most important point to make in our "developed" societies ~ we no longer need to eat meat to survive as we have soooo many other food choices available to us.

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rude - YES! I wish more people understood that you can be honest without being rude or hurting another's feelings. And sometimes it's just a good idea not to say anything at some people I know!

When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.

~Wolf Quotes~ When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul - A.