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¯\_(ツ)_/¯  The 34 Best Moments From This Year's Grammys #lordecaresnot  #toohipster ?

poopinginschool: i mean i guess ill accept this grammy she looks like her mom just told her to come out of her room and say hi to grandma

Shiloh continues to rock the suits + short hair (she looks SO much like Brad, it's insane!). Kingston continues to be a trendsetter, always wearing something fashionably stylish, and sometimes he even sports dyed hair~

Parenting done right OMG LoL I thought I was gonna have to tell you to shut your whore mouth but then you made me laugh XD

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Its midnight and i hope my dad didnt hear me laughing.

funny tumblr status see a picture of mahboob

Bahahaha do you wanna see a picture of mahboob

The captioned adventures of George Washington (28 Photos) – Pandafeed

The Captioned Adventures of George Washington - books give me tingles

I am Sherlock only less smart.

Hudson: Marriage changes you as a person in ways that you can't imagine. Sherlock: As does lethal injection.

There will come a day when I don't love ruining hipster things. actually, no, I will always enjoy it.<--- honey you should see me in a crown

John is getting tired of your deductions, Sherlock.

John’s reaction to Sherlock’s deductions. Season one/two. Spot the difference.

The art of pranking yourself and not realizing it. omgosh this is awesome more funny pics on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourfunnypics101

Just kidding! This is awesome!

This slutty bitch need some ice for dat burn.

This slutty bitch need some ice for dat burn.apply a bathtub of ice water on that burn.damn that guy's a savage😂😂

That was my favorite Mycroft: Deny Everything Sherlock: Throw Mycroft under the proverbial bus!!

Mycroft and Sherlock are so afraid of Mummy Holmes. And Mycroft opts to be noble and protect himself and his little brother, whereas Sherlock is like "abandon ship! Throw Brother Mine under the bus!

tyler oakley and troye sivan - Google Search

Yep (Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley). hello kitty and one direction tattoos

Troyler! OMG!  OTP! It's real! @Tyler Oakley

Troyler! OMG! OTP! It's real! @Tyler Oakley

Thats Ellen ladies and gentlemen.

Ellen is the only woman who can stand next to Beyoncé and still be the most fabulous person in the room. Oh ellen


Toy Story is why some poor guy doesn't have a girlfriend

This is so cute.  And awkward.  I love it so much.  I hope the two of them got married.  <3

She must be Canadian

Funny Pictures Of The Day – S made me think of you when you were learning sign language :)