Learning Science Naturally:  Here are 5 nature activities to do with the kids #Home

Be a Spring Explorer: 5 Nature Activities for Kids

Backyard Science Experiment:This easy experiment can be conducted anywhere there's a patch of grass and sidewalk, and proves that plants are breathing in the spring air, too.

Momma's Fun World: 3 Egg science experiments/ because any science experiment that ends in an explosion of any sort is just plain awesome!

Can't wait for summer! Going to do all kinds of fun experiments! Dissolve an eggs shell, then shrink it and make the egg erupt. Momma's Fun World: 3 Egg science experiments

This Pin, leads to The Imagination Tree and links to a series of simple, exciting, diverse and educational science experiments for kids. These range from experimenting with density by making a liquid rainbow, through simple experiments in aerodynamics using straws.

Fun Science Experiments for Kids! [from It's Playtime

Fun Rain Project.  Cup with water, put shaving cream on top, and then drop food coloring on the shaving cream.  Watch it "rain".

Weather experiment - take a clear plastic cup and add plain water. Put a small amount of shaving creme on top. Then a few drops of red and yellow food coloring. The food coloring slowly finds it's way down into the water to make ORANGE rain! What fun!

Опыты для детей: урок химии для самых маленьких

Опыты для детей: урок химии для самых маленьких

7 Science Experiments for Kids That Will AMAZE Your Child!

7 Science Experiments for Kids That Will Amaze Your Child

Food dye travelling through paper towel from one cup to the next!

Ready for Kindergarten Day Nine: Exploring Color – Color Activities for Preschoolers

such a fun science experiment--watch as the blue and yellow water travel up the paper towel and make their way into the empty cup making green water--neat!

Make Rainbow rain!  Fun weather Science for Kids

24 Kids’ Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too - Use shaving cream, water, and food coloring to teach how rain clouds form.

Science Experiments for Kids

Designing and Building Bridges Activity

Learn about transpiration in plants with this classic dyed celery experiment for kids! Fun science activities for kids to enjoy.

6 Kitchen science experiments using simple materials with easy set ups, good for kids of all ages. Fun STEM activities for kids at home

6 Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

6 Kitchen science experiments using simple materials -Plus snoop on the site for apron patterns and homemade paint.

100s of cool science experiments!

pick up thousands of rice grains with a pencil; Digital Bits Science Lab: Science Experiments for Kids, Parents and Teachers; fun science experiments for young children, hundreds of experiments

Teach states of matter: Pour milk (whole milk works best) into a glass. Then, pour Red Bull on top. Let the solution sit for five minutes. The acid in the Red Bull causes the protein (casein) in the milk to separate.

Fun Science Experiment: Pour whole milk and add red bull - let sit 5 minutes and the acid in the red bull will cause the protein in the milk to separate - precipitate/chemical change. Maybe my kids won't want to drink Red Bull after this experiment!


A giant list of super fun science experiments to do with kids with simple household items. (How To Make Slime With Household Items)

10 Super Science Experiments For Kids

10 Super Science Experiments For Kids

Make A Cloud, with this fun science experiment for kids. Learn what three things a cloud needs to form and make your very own cloud in a jar!