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Great gray owl. NICOLAE'S brother Vikirnoff, keeps the form of an owl most the time because he is so close to turning vampire. Introduced in Dark Destiny

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Great Grey Owl ~ wormwould @ flickr

Great Grey Owl ~ Strix nebulas January 2010 North of Prince Albert SK

The Great Grey Owl does not have ear tufts and has the largest facial disc of any raptor. (In the Harry Potter series, the Weasley's exhausted owl, Errol, is a Great Grey Owl.)

Wild Animals Photo Album Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs great grey owl what a cute animal!

SootyOwl are beautiful and attractive bird which look innocent but owl aremostly wild and sound horror.

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Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) is a very large owl, documented as the world's…

Great Grey Owls...5ft wing span and female up to 28 inches tall.

Great Grey wing span and female up to 28 inches tall.

Great Grey Owl stretching his wings

Ashes "Over Here" by wildlife and bird photographer David Hemmings on Great Gray Owl with wings stretched wide.