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Clearly a scientist made this given its not very funny, sigh

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"Let me read this back to you..."

Almost every single day!

he he

"Don't make me flip my bitch switch." - Wednesday Addams The Addams Family movie movies meme

Keeping it 100!  I did feel like this after my first day at the gym hahaha!

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I really have done that exact move when my parents had guests over

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - I think this is especially true when you don't relate to the guests.

OCD in 3....2....

A show about a detective with OCD, and this is how they design the box cover for the last season. ---OMTT THATS SO FUNNY!

Today's WWJD Xmas tip: NEVER put Christmas lights on a palm tree. I shouldn't have to explain why.

The Lighter Side of Healthcare: Went in for a 12-hour shift; only worked 12 hours

Ha this rarely happened. The Lighter Side of Healthcare: Went in for a shift; only worked 12 hours