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A true friend will bring you closer to God. A man who truly loves his wife will want her to be closer to God than himself. Be careful of people who do not.

Be slow to anger ... James 1:19-20 and more ...

One morning in Perth, Australia, Fionn Mulholland discovered his car was missing. That’s when he realized he had mistakenly parked in a restricted zone and his car had been towed away.

great words to live by!

Please don't nag yourself with thoughts of failure. Don't set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. Simply do what you can do, in the best way you know how, and the Lord will accept your efforts. ~ President Gordon B.

I sure hope so. Seems like I do an awful lot of waiting these days... ;)

God's timing is Perfect Timing. It takes a little patience & a lot of faith. But it's always worth the wait.

เราก็เป็นขององค์พระผู้เป็นเจ้า - โรม 14:8

Father in heaven, please have mercy on us for presuming to judge the heart of those who see so many things differently than we do. Be slow to judge others but quick to judge yourself.

Should I Forgive?

I arrived early at my church to help set up for an event. A woman stood crying at the opposite end of the sanctuary. She’d been cruel and gossiped about me in the past, so I quickly drowned o…

Dear God, give me a desire to grow spiritually. I want to honor You with my life and experience the joy of the Spirit’s work inside of me.  Spiritual growth is a process.

For three consecutive years, my son participated in a piano recital. The last year he played, I watched him mount the steps and set up his music. He played two songs and then sat down next to me an…

"We can trust God to handle the things that overwhelm us." Our Daily Bread

A friend of mine used to operate a ranch in the Owyhee desert south of Boise, Idaho. Once when I was visiting his old homestead he pointed out a gnarled juniper tree, the only one in sight. You wou…