Technology integration matrix

A Great New Technology Integration Matrix for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning "The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for students.

Personalizing Professional Development for Teachers

Personalizing Professional Development for Teachers This touches on personalized development plans - great idea for future "TEACHERSHIP ACADEMY"

Embedded image permalink: What do you want to do? There's a tech tool for that!

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Chart of educational web tech tools. Here is a wonderful chart featuring a plethora of diverse tools arranged according to the task they are to perform. From web tools to create digital quizzes to note taking and brainstorming tools.

Some of the things we think about when designing personalized learning curriculum. What else do you think about? ~Mia

Personalize My Learning, Please

Professional Learning in Schools: What's Out & What's In [infographic]

Professional Learning That Matters

Getting Smart® today launched “How Digital Learning Contributes to Deeper Learning,” a white paper that examines how key aspects of personal digital learning – common standards, next-generation assessments, blended learning, and affordable devices – can provide deeper learning opportunities for students.

How digital learning contributed to deeper learning . by creating deeper learning opportunities for every student in every classroom in blended learning or online learning environments.