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Magnetic Polar Reversal

What If Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip? Scientists Discuss the Effects of a Geomagnetic Field Reversal

Why does Earth have a Magnetic Field? DO NOT WATCH the whole thing! Only show the first 1:42 of the video for this unit!!

Why does Earth have a Magnetic Field? Only show the first of the video for this unit!

Magnetic Concepts

Magnetic Concepts

The sun's magnetic field changes polarity approximately every 11 years.

Working together, instruments in space and on the ground make the first direct connection between aurora and individual disturbances in Earth's magnetic field.

For the first time, scientists have directly mapped Earth& fluctuating magnetic field and resulting electrical currents to aurora, thanks to northern lights observations from NASA& THEMIS mission.

Earth's magnetic field, which protects the planet from harmful blasts of solar radiation, is much older than scientists had previously thought. This invisible, protective shield likely existed shortly after the planet formed; a finding that could shed light on why Earth is habitable and Mars is not. Earth's magnetic field helped make life on the planet possible. Without our magnetic field, solar winds would strip away the planet's atmosphere and oceans.

'Magnetic' Discovery May Reveal Why Earth Supports Life and Mars Doesn't

Our magnetic field protects us from blasts of solar radiation & likely existed soon after the planet formed. This may explain why Earth is habitable & Mars is not. Without our magnetic field, solar winds would strip away Earth's atmosphere & oceans.

A video simulation of Earth's magnetic field interacting with the (solar) interplanetary magnetic field (IMF)

For many years, scientists have been striving to understand the constantly changing structure and behaviour of the huge magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet. One approach – pioneered by Russian scientist Nikolai Tsyganenko .

Dogs' Pooping Position Aligns with Earth's Magnetic Field

Dogs use the Earth's magnetic fields to align their position while defecating, according to new research. A team from the Czech Republic and Germany studied the body positions of 70 dogs across 37 breeds while they excreted.