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.. Does anyone see me?

Tree Frog ♥ They are called the Coqui frog in Puerto Rico because of their call. Co-KEY __ Note: This is not a coquí. This is the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas). –– Photo: Red eyed tree frog by Peter Krejzl

They told me I could be anything so I became a frog

I think it's Spiderman in a bear costume. Why would a bear wanna be a frog? But Spidey might wanna be a bear!

Elephant Bee, nature always amazing!

Elephant Bee, nature amazes me? Although interesting photo it apears photo shopped. Have you ever seen a bee with Tusks?


A Frog Dancing Ballet – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

That’s cute!

Red eyed tree frog, Costa Rica by Menno Dekker hold on for dear life

Waking up from falling in a dream...

The story that the originator of this picture gave is that a random stray cat jumped into their empty firewood box, then freaked out. Maybe the story is made up, but still a hilarious picture of the special relation between a cat and its box.

farm7.staticflickr.com 6032 6329740701_94769c39bf_b.jpg

During my previous trips to the tropics I never saw any red eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis callidryas), I was hoping to see atleast a few during my stay in Panama and I ended up seeing quite a few including some pairs like this one in amplexus.

"I just can't seem to get grasshoppers off my mind lately...hmmmmmm.

Photographer Lessy Sebastian has taken these images of frogs in his back garden in Jakarta, Indonesia. Picture: Lessy Sebastian/Barcroft Media (via Beautiful Frogs - Telegraph)

It's said that eyes are the windows to the soul...eyes look like windows to the universe to me #justmythoughts

Dont you thing the second to last looks like the eye of sauron. also, predators with slit eyes are primarily ambush hunters.

Ommmm... Namasté...

Dear God, help me with my obsession and stop me from pinning more froggy photos.


Red Eye Tree Frogs Sarapiquí, Costa Rica By: Bruce Leventhal Stillwater, Minnesota, USA # photography


There really are such things ~~Leapfrog: Jabba, pictured at the bottom of the tree frog stack, appears to be giving a lift to his two lazy friends Freddo and Kermit by Jay Town~~