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That is what I told my husband Mark.  I was a red head 12 years ago tomorrow when I met him..We married 13 months later and I was blonde then.  I go back to red once in a while...my Gentleman prefers BLONDES...:)

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gourgeous Redhead.

Pale people problems. - 9GAG

Pale people problems.

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more proof that i was ment to be a ginger... lol just sayin

redhead quotes For my friends that are red heads! Does this include redheads from a bottle?

And then they say "Oh, it doesn't apply to you!" And you're there thinking uh yeah, it kinda does since you know, I'm a redhead!

Or even when people just say something about redheads and then you feel like everyone is staring at you intently.

Ginger Problems #78 - When people ask if your parents have red hair.  Redhead Problems, Red Hair

My mom's hair is nearly black and my dad's is a medium brown (well, now grey). People ALWAYS asked my mom if I was her child. My dad never got that question because of our strong resemblance.