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Death Note

That'll fit lots of names. Imagine if the owner stupidly wrote their name on the costume's tag.<<< imagine people writing other people's names on it in sharpie

Whose Name Would You Add?

Whose Name Would You Add?

Whose Name Would You Add? I love how someone wrote Justin Beiber, Light Yagami, and TITANS <<< Grell though. <~~ Anyone else see Katy Perry? Or Eren?---> there is one that says yo mama<<<someone wrote marco bodt I'm gonna scream

That was a very interesting trait he had... <<<< HAD DAMMIT YOU SAID HAD<<<he dead, fam

<<<< HAD DAMMIT YOU SAID HAD<< damn right he was an asshat that deserved death wtf are you whinging for?

I found out about Death Note 6 months ago, LET ME LAUGH AT THIS

He's alive in oUR HEARTS!<---no he stays dead, he belongs in the grave like he always did<< will the madness never end?<< Let the live! Let both of them live!

Death Note text post

The second picture looks like something straight out of Ouran High School Host Club