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Is it true that dogs are color-blind?  Dogs do see color but, much like color-blind humans, they have difficulty distinguishing between certain hues. Humans have three types of cones (the cells in the eye that recognize -color); dogs have only two. As a result, they see fewer colors than we do, and these colors are less rich. (Cats also have only two types of cones, and they see colors even less vividly than dogs.)

The Secret Life of Pets: What Goes On Inside Their Heads?

Beagle eyes. Love my Beagle.

Love my Beagle.

I love to lounge like a human :)

I love to lounge like a human :) This is Dixie all the way. She can find the most comfortable spot always!

Gorgeous Tri-Colored Beagle Puppy

Baby preparing and giving beagle his dog food ( Charlie the dog)


Product Details

Product Details

'Atta Boy!

Beagle - Friendly and Curious

Cats and Dogs time: Beagle dog time (hora del perro beagle)