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90 second bread - 323 calories, 3g net carbs, 30.5g fat & 9.9g protein...tasted a bit to eggy to me. v t1.0-9 15232284_10211278637304899_2212015949425623801_n.jpg?oh=ed9cf0a491591b4f972115a82e82e6e9&oe=58B3CA53

one month of one second videos. (Elise Blaha :: enJOY it.)

Happy February! I wanted to share a bit about the app I am using and loving so far this year: 1 Second Everyday. If you follow me on Instagram you've heard me pledge my love to this about a million ti

@breathe_love_exercise makes me crave second breakfast... So many yummy fit foods! #breakfastcriminals Original image via @weheartit.

While it’s true that squats can work your glutes from every angle, they get pretty boring after, oh, a second. It’s why you really can’t sustain a tight tush on squats alone. Besi…