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Don't make me whack you with my cane. 1.25 inch pinback funny button

I definitely need this for when I have to use mine every other week. Being 31 and using a cane, people always look at you funny, thats when you need to whack 'em.

Accurate. Sometimes it feels like my muscles are pulling away from my bones, too, and it's kind of horrific. This is one way to explain how it feels. It's the most pain I've eve experienced so I have nothing else to compare it to.

Flaring Women's Dark T-Shirt

Don't Judge: think about how you'd handle having the worst stomach bug every single day of your life! Then add in an erratic heart rates/blood pressures and fainting. Oh, and seizures... I could go on, but I think you get the idea ;)

Childhood Adversity Is Associated With Migraine and Biomarkers of Inflammation : Neurology Reviews