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Princess Margaret arriving at a a gala in 1949. Are those Jimmy Choos she's sporting?

Princess Margaret (by romanbenedikhanson) Princess Margaret,steps out from car,as she arrives at ball in aid of Nursery Schools

Portrait of The Queen, standing on the spot in Westminster Abbey where she was crowned.

'The Coronation Theatre, Westminster Abbey: A Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II' by Artist Ralph Heimans, commissioned by the Palace to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth I was a user of ceruse, a mixture of white lead and vinegar that was applied to the face to make the skin appear paler. It is widely believed the queen died of blood poisoning at the age of 70 in 1603, possibly caused by the noxious 'Mask of Youth'.

Vanity mirror used by tragic 18th century society beauty, 27, who died of make-up poisoning sells for £300,000

Queen Elizabeth I by Unknown artist oil on panel, 26 in. mm x 488 mm) Given by Mines Royal, Mineral and Battery Societies, 1865 Primary Collection NPG 200

The tomb effigy, of King Edward III, at Westminster Abbey. Edward III was 14 when he was crowned King and assumed government in his own right in 1330.

Edward III, King of England Nov 1312 – 21 June Buried in the in the chapel of St Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey, London.

Edward VI, King of England/••••of "The King's Speech" fame.  Queen Elizabeth II's father.

King Edward VI only surviving son of King Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour born on the October 1537 at Hampton Court palace

The parents of Mary, Queen of Scots: James V Stuart, King of Scots, and Marie of Guise-Lorraine ca. 1542. James V died when his daughter was only six days old. She was officially crowned nine months later, though Scotland was ruled by regents until she assumed the throne in her own right at the age of nineteen.

King James V of Scotland, son of Margaret Tudor, and Queen Marie de Guise, parents of Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots was one of the most fascinating and controversial monarchs of 16th century Europe. At one time, she claimed the crowns of four nations - Scotland, France, England and Ireland. Her physical beauty and kind heart were acknowledged even by her enemies. Yet she lacked the political skills to rule successfully in Scotland. Her second marriage was unpopular and ended in murder and scandal; her third was even less popular and ended in forced abdication in favor of her infant…

Mary, queen of Scots, in an official portrait at the Blairs Museum – The Museum of Scotland’s Catholic Heritage.This striking portrait of Mary was painted during her brief adult rule in Scotland.

Edward Tudor, son of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. He died young, leaving the throne to his sisters Mary the First and Good Queen Bess.

Edward VI, son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. c Wallpaper and background photos of Edward VI, Son of Henry VIII for fans of King Henry VIII images.