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A Queen always covers and protects her King.even the bravest, prideful one gets discouraged and is the Queens natural instinct to lift him back up. She has his back because he has hers and together they rule the jungle.

Ones  sick .. ones take care. Animal Life ‏@fabulousanimals   Lions Love

Lions and Lionesses are filled with Love & Might and represent everything a true King and Queen should be!

via Flickr. A triumvirate, likely brothers, at the head of a pride. Two pride lions is a more common arrangement, but three is sometimes seen.

power and strength, Male lion coalition, Ndutu CA, Serengeti, Tanzania by Alessandra Soresina.

lion love

Lion Love-I love this because we got married at the MGM. So of course we like Lion Love

What a beautiful family! ❤️

What a beautiful family! ❤️


I love all animals but cats both big and small have my heart ♡ Here's a lioness taking a nap in a tree :)


Sleeping (Spooning) Lions - an opportune moment where two lions appear to be sharing a special moment!